Kirk & Rasheeda’s son subject of internet scandal… LET US PRAY!


Y’all! I don’t make the news, I barely report, but you bet your bottom bitch dollar that I will ALWAYS have an opinion on it! Today I got some tea so unfortunate but I have to share and it’s on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. Now while I find them to be two of the most aggravating people on the show, I don’t know where I stand on this one. They’ve been through a lot since coming into our lives and the most recent drama with Kirk having a baby out of wedlock has me screaming at my TV, rolling my eyes, and tearing through a bottle of wine every Monday, I wouldn’t wish this even on them.

Kirk’s 17 or 18 y/o son has been the subject of many a rumor on the internet but now some weirdo has proof and has published a sexually explicit video implicating the teenager. I did not and will not watch the video but the fact is its already out and it’s taken a life of its own.

If he is 18 that’s his business and he can do his thing, but honey, if he isn’t then it’s Kirk’s business and he needs to whip his ass, take away his iPhone, and but him a flip phone until he’s no longer a minor.

I’m super conflicted about posting the link and until I can verify his age I won’t be doing it but honey it’s on tumblr and it ain’t too hard to find. This story has been passed around by everyone such as Fameolous and Sandra dead Rose. So again I don’t want the Frost’s coming for me but now there is just alleged video proof.

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