This has been perhaps the hardest storyline to watch unfold on #RHOP out of both seasons the show has been on the air. Robin Dixon is legally divorced however is staying with her ex-husband Juan Dixon and the waters are muddier than that shit the government expects people in Flint, MI to live off of (which is totally NOT ok).


While we held out hope for the couple to get remarried last season howver it is clear that there is no such luck as on last night’s episode of #RHOP after a tense scene between the two. Juan was caught admitting to show producers that he had no interest in pursuing a relationship with Robin in what was the most jarring moment of series history.

Multiple cast members have attempted to get Robin to realize this situation is not healthy and even Ashley Darby (who almost got her ass beat for it twice already this season for it) spilled the tea that Juan has been dating someone else. When confronted about Juan’s post marital affairs, Robin has deflected and grown angry at anyone bold enough to tell her the fucking truth. So let me just say it plain. THIS MAN IS USING YOU AND YOU ARE ALLOWING HIM TO DO SO!

I used to think that he loved Robin but was not in love with Robin but no one does this to someone they truly love! Robin, stop using the kids as a crutch, stop doing EVERYTHING for him (including letting him benefit off of that new Bravo check) and MOVE THE FUCK ON! I know it’s hard to let the love of your life go, but baby, your life isn’t over yet!

God made 1 and surely after 1 comes the number 2! Juan certainly has grasped this concept and now it’s time you push those titties up, grab them babies, and show them that the mother of your children is to be cherished and not disrespected! At this point I am honestly starting to wonder if you love yourself anymore. A rose is still and forever always be a rose, Robin! Love yourself, mama.

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