The Big Kenya Moore is Married Post


So as you all know Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started filming on June 5th, this was proven to be true when I broke that lifetime FOH (Friend of the Housewives) Shamea Morton was filming a big scene for her bridal shower with other ‘wives in attendance including Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Buruss, and Porsha Williams. This scene marks the first time Porsha and Kandi would have been in the same room since the epic Season 9 reunion was filmed in March of this year. Missing from filming were Kim Zolciak, Cynthia Bailey, NeNe Leakes, and Kenya Moore.

While I’m not sure what the relationship is with Shamea and the OG’s Kim and NeNe, I do know she built a friendship with Kenya that was brokered by Kandi as all three ladies joined over their hatred for the now cancelled Phaedra Parks (just as Frick & Frack was born out of their mutual hatred for Kenya). So, my question was simple, where the hell was Kenya. Well, Kenya was posting up a storm on IG away on vacation (during the first week of filming), and even alluded she wasn’t alone. What we DIDN’T know was that mama was getting her ass married!

Okay, there is just so much going on. NeNe announces she’s returning, Shamea for all intents and purposes steals Phaedra’s peach, but it was Kenya Moore that snatched every wig across social media. The news, broken by Tamara Tattles sent shockwaves across the reality tv spectrum. Right now, we don’t know which one of her costars knew but she’s pretty close to Kandi and Cynthia, and is friendly with NeNe and Shamea so I wonder if THEY even knew.


One person who did not know was Andy Cohen! Andy was on radio this past week and shaded Kenya and Tamara Tattles like the true queen that mama is and it is obvious he is pissed that she had a life altering event without Bravo cameras present. There has been talks of demoting Kenya to a FOH or that she’s been cancelled for opting to get married outside of the show, but I’m not sure I believe that. This easily could set the tone for much of the beginning of the season as you already know Kim and Porsha are going to call her out on the decision to privately wed.


We all know everyone LOVES to call Kenya into question about anyone she’s dating. Even so much that none of my followers on IG believe this marriage is real. The jury is still out on that, and I always choose to believe people because Kenya hasn’t really told any blatant lies since her tenure on the show. However, the timing of her getting married as filming has started, and choosing the keep it private does make me scratch my head a little. She’s allegedly tied the knot with “wealthy” businessman, Marc Daly, after dating for about 8 months. All I know is since her bestie Brandon was there, auntie Sisqo (the lovely Aunt Lori), better have been there as well as Che and her father, or I’m going to call Kenya myself!


Oh, and now the case between Phaedra Parks vs. Kenya Moore is finally closed. Kenya has won. Accept it and move on. Kenya is now everything that Phaedra (as well as every cast member and reader on my platforms) has said she would never be. You better watch the power of the tongue because it is now Phaedra who is divorced and peachless. You notice how I didn’t add anything about being single because she’s probably still messing around Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle Bryant’s ex.. allegedly

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