Chiiiiiiillleeee…. Latavia Roberson to release a new single


20 years ago, 4 black girls from Houston dropped a remix of No, No, No and the music world hasn’t been the same. Since that time those 4 girls known as Destiny’s Child have experienced life’s ups and downs. Through lineup changes, court battles, trials and triumphs we can all agree on one thing, they definitely made music history.

So now, nearly twenty years after being unceremoniously dismissed, founding member Latavia Roberson announces she will be releasing a new single. I know this is an incredibly difficult decision with someone who has dealt with addictions, being afraid to sing on reality TV, and being thought if as the weak link in the group so I will refrain from reading and throwing shade and just wish her the best.


Latavia singing “The Way” by Jill Scott

Let us pray…


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