So the rumor mill is a buzz that RHOA pickup letters have gone out and high class Phaedra Parks, Esq. did not receive hers. There are a lot of rumors about the Season 10 cast, one of the most common ones was that the whole Season 9 cast would return plus numerous appearances by the OGs (NeNe and Kim). Everyone seemed to have been able to keep their peaches, that is until the reunion. Shit hit the fan, and truths were exposed, ugly truths. Truths that have allegedly gotten Phaedra Parks fired. So, I wanted to compile a list of some of Phaedra’s most heinous moments and lies that have gotten swept under the rug or given passes by viewers for whatever the fucking reason. I present to you..

– Lied about due date to conceal the fact that she was pregnant before she marrying to Apollo Nida.

– Heavily endorses the hiring of Marlo Hampton for the newest addition to RHOA due to Marlo’s connection to Charles Grant. Charles Grant was rumored to have been dating NeNe Leakes during NeNe’s first marriage to Gregg Leakes.

– Attempted to film scenes with NeNe Leakes’ estranged half-sisters.

– Lies to Cynthia Bailey after leaving a butt-dial regarding Bailey’s absence from Ayden’s birthday party, stating that she “really didn’t give a f*ck if Cynthia comes”. This goes against everything the non-drinking, non-cursing, southern belle stands for.

– Enters failed business agreement with Kenya Moore over production of her “Donkey Booty” workout tape. The two had began building a close friendship, but once Phaedra learns of Kenya’s plan to produce her own tape she begins telling the group that Kenya is bi-polar, paid Walter to appear as her boyfriend, and has a drinking problem starting a war that to this day has never ended.

– During the season 5 reunion again wages war with Kenya which ends in the now infamous response from Kenya, “tell your husband to stop texting me”. Although inappropriate Phaedra never forgives Kenya and spends the next four years calling Kenya every whore in the book and also accuses Kenya of offering Apollo head, which single handily ruined Kenya’s reputation among viewers and pretty everyone in the entire world.

– Aligns with NeNe Leakes who, at the time was no friend of Phaedra’s best friend Kandi Buruss. Also cements alliance with Porsha Williams, beginning “frick and frack”. NeNe only befriends Phaedra due to a mutual dislike towards Kenya Moore after seasons of “not knowing” Phaedra from Athens. Also begins distancing herself from Kandi to secure NeNe’s friendship and voicing displeasure with Kandi not being the friend she needed during Apollo’s road to prison (heavily instigated by Porsha).

– Apollo admits that he lied about Kenya offering him sexual favors, and Phaedra continues to slander Kenya for being attempting to offer sexual favors to her husband.

– Apollo provides proof that Phaedra had been dating someone by the code name “chocolate” while attempting to mourn the loss of her marriage. When Cynthia brings “chocolate” to the table, Phaedra then becomes upset because according to her it wasn’t true. Kandi reveals during the reunion that Phaedra knew all along Apollo was telling various members of the group as she told her privately that it happened, yet Phaedra chose to appear as shocked and angry as everyone else at the dinner table in scene.

– Calls a truce with sworn enemy Kenya Moore, vowing to move forward.

– Is confronted by Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker over unpaid production fees. Finally pays Todd days before the reunion in order to avoid having to deal with the subject.

– Finally pisses Kandi off to the point where Kandi confronts Phaedra about lies she’s told regarding her marriage and the status of their friendship. This causes Phaedra to attempt to take Kandi down, using Porsha to do her dirty work.

– At a filming say’s that Kandi and friend Shamea Morton are closer than closer and alleges that they are sexual partners alongside Kandi’s husband Todd

– As lesbian rumors begin to fly and tear apart Porsha and Kandi’s friendship including a startling accusation that Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha.

– Informs Porsha her divorce is final and request that it be secret from the ladies. While Porsha accidentally tells the group about her divorce being final, a phone call from Apollo refutes Phaedra’s claims as the divorce is not only not final but that she has filed under misspelled names causing documents to be invalid.

– Gives legal advice to disgruntled former Kandi Factory employee, Johnny Winston.

– Apollo’s new fiancee, Sherien Almufit, attends the opening of Kandi and Todd’s new restaurant, “Old Lady Gang”. Sherien confirms that not only was Phaedra not there for Apollo during his road to prison but she was dating someone during that time as well.

– At the reunion Phaedra allegedly is busted for all of her schemes and lies over the last 7 seasons to the point where not even cute Ayden can secure the peach for her as Andy Cohen is rumored to have had enough. One scheme is so devious and treacherous it costs her one of her many JOBSZ.

That’s just scratching the surface. There’s also that whole Angela Stanton ordeal that you can look up at places like Tamaratattles.com if interested. Needless to say, this was a long time coming, and again, I definitely won’t miss her ass.

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